Digital Marketing

High-Performance Digital Marketing and Advertising

Numerous successful brands rely on us to design, send, optimize and analyze communications across multiple channels including: email, Web, display ads, mobile and social media. Our clients access an unparalleled combination of consumer insights, multichannel marketing expertise, analytics and technology, designed to empower them to become more consumer-centric and drive return on marketing investment.

Our services help you:

  1. Generate prospective customers
  2. Create brand awareness & recall
  3. Communicate your message
  4. Present your company, products and services
  5. Convert and maximize ROI

Stand Above The Crowd With Our Digital Marketing

We are the experts in digital marketing. We put together comprehensive and advanced digital marketing marketing campaigns that are tailored to suit our clients needs. We are the industry leaders in all forms of marketing and the Internet.

  1. Email Marketing

    Email is the number one activity people engage in online. Search is number two. By combining the intelligence gathered from how people search with the personalization offered by permission-based email marketing, we can dramatically improve your customer responses.

    We have gathered huge knowledge of what, when, where and how people search as well developed a deep understanding of the keywords and content that drive clicks and conversions. This allows us to create email marketing campaigns that are based on people’s expressed interests and behavior resulting in higher return on investments.

  2. Mobile Marketing

    We provide businesses with comprehensive technology solutions for the mobile marketing, mobile web, and mobile content delivery. We provide comprehensive creation, management and execution for advertising content of your product or services to your opt-in subscribers’ cell phones.

    Our services can be used for sending any promotional text sms marketing message, such as sms coupons, reminders, product specials, and emergency alerts.

  3. Direct Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing is the process of creating an community online or gaining increased awareness of your brand or product in existing online social network communities. It combines the objectives of Internet Marketing with social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Digg.

  4. Banner Ad Campaigns

    Our creative team creates display advertising campaigns that deliver exposure, traffic and conversions. Whether your objective is to generate leads, sell product or simply expose your brand, our team identifies the most effective combination of Web sites and/or ad networks to accomplish your goals.

  5. Feed Management Service

    From Yahoo! Shopping and NexTag to and Shopzilla, use of shopping comparison engines is becoming more prevalent as these sites make online shoppers’ lives easier. These engines allow consumers to compare products, features, and pricing; as well as consumer and expert ratings and store locations; all from one centralized place.

    We submit pages of your website to these shopping engines through data “feeds”. Once a feed is submitted to a shopping engine, pages are guaranteed to appear within the site’s index of Web pages, though they are not guaranteed a specific ranking within the search results.

  6. Analytic Services

    Strategic business decisions need to be based on hard data and thorough analysis rather than on guesses or gut instinct. Our analytics data tells you how your visitors found their way to your website. Even more importantly, they tell you the source of those visitors who ultimately “convert” (purchase, download, register, call or perform the action that’s the ultimate objective of your website).

    We guide you through the system to measure and maximize your campaign results by breaking down your website statistics to a granular level and organizing the data into practical categories that have real meaning to your business.