User Interface Design

Software User Interface

As digital technology evolves and the market becomes more & more saturated with similar applications, it has become critcal that your application be easy to learn, use and allows users to efficiently accomplish their tasks. Whether you are creating an entirely new application or redesigning an existing software product, you can count on merlinvicki’s GUI experts to help your team build digital products that exceed your customer’s expectations.

Our User Interface and Graphic Design skills are all about simplicity. Our GUI services enhances the user interface and creates a positive first experience for potential buyers. We provide user research and usability evaluation services that help you identify what your target customers need – not just what they want. If you have a software we can give it the extra advantage that can make it a users delight leading to greater acceptance.

Our User Interface services focuses on:

  1. Interaction design

    Interaction design focuses on designing behaviors involving human and computers. It focuses on creating an intuitive workflow and providing for quick and easy progression to your application from the current favourite. This not only helps users feel comfortable with the system but also shortens the learning curve.

  2. Usability

    Usability is the measure of the ease with which users can employ a particular tool in order to achieve a particular goal in your software. Usability has a great impact in creating a positive user experience for your application.

  3. Accessibility

    Accessibility helps us focus on how easy it is for people to get to use, and understand things in your application. It should work on All browsers and resolutions and must be able to degrade gracefully.

  4. Content Strategy

    Content Strategy is an essential part of our GUI projects that involve content based applications. Content strategy can help you create better user experiences by assisting design. It provides the foundation for comparing existing content with either user needs or competitor content, enabling us to identify potential gaps and opportunities.

  5. User interface design

    User interface design is the overall process of designing the interaction between a human (user) and a machine (computer). It includes graphic design, information design and a wide variety of usability methods.

Typically, a full engagement GUI design project will comprise all five categories of services. We can work with your team to establish the best use of your team talents. Our team has the creative talent, the understanding of human psychology, and the technical expertise to push your application to their greatest potential.