Content Strategy

What a user should see when they visit a site?

Content is fundamental. An intuitive and well designed content strategy makes a huge difference to your online sales. Even if you don’t sell products directly, a good content strategy will help you persuade the user to subscribe to your newsletter or complete an application form.

Our content strategy can help you create better user experiences by assisting design, brand development, information architecture and search engine marketing.

Our content strategist professionals can help you create copy that reflects the desired brand, ensuring your audience finds landing pages that match the tone they see in content, not just the keywords. This helps our clients achieve higher conversions, not just click-through tourists who pop in and then leave.

What you get

  1. A lower bounce rate than your competition.
  2. More satisfied visitors who found answers to their questions (and more potential customers as a result).
  3. More page views.

When developing your content, we consider three visitor types: Knows Exactly, Knows Approximately and Casual Browsing. We use the following methodologies to understand what these visitors are looking for:

  1. Surveys

    I find that surveys have an extremely poor return rate and usually do not contain anything that you can’t find out using other methods. You may have been more successful with surveys, but they did not work for me.

  2. Analytics

    Your analytics has hidden treasure inside: keyword referrals. Dig out ALL keyword referrals, be it 40 keywords or 4000. (I realize that keyword referral data is limited to content that you have on the website; however, there is still a wealth of data there).

  3. Keyword Research Tools

    Keywords, especially long tail keywords, show intention, and it is our business to find out the intentions of searchers and develop content accordingly.

it just makes sense to design from the content out.